Bean Bag Care & Filling


Jelly Beanz Bean Bags are made from quality fabric that is durable. With the zip tab being removed in compliance with Australian regulations, when you need to open your bean bag you must place a paper clip through the hole on zip head where the zip tab use to be, then lift up gently and pull the zip open, if it doesn’t work first time take out the paper clip and try again, DO NOT use pliers or force the zip as this will damage the zip or bean bag and therefore forfeit the guarantee.

  • When filling your bean bag we recommend filling over the bathtub (plug in), door and windows closed as any breeze can blow the beans around. Never fill your bean bag outdoors.
  • With filling your bag we have base required amounts (all specified on products pages), although as each individual is different you can fill them to your preferred comfort. We recommend starting with the standard amount required and you can add more beans as suits you. It’s easier to add beans than to take some out.
  • When your bean bag starts to feel a little flat and not as comfortable as it used to be, just top it up with more beans and it will become as new again. This is due to the bean fill being squashed after long time use.
  • Bean bag fill can purchased at any Kmart, Target or Big W Australia wide.
  • Always keep your bean bags away from a naked flame and high temperatures.


If you need to wash your bean bag open the zip (directions above in Bean Bag Care) and pour the beans into the bath tub (plug in) this keeps them confined. Because of static electricity a small amount beans may not fall out that’s ok just zip the bag closed before putting in the wash. The beans are not affected by water.

Washing instructions:

  • Can be sprayed with stain remover, then cold machine wash (no colour run) line dry (no ironing). Your bean bag will wash up as brand new. The fabric will not shrink.
  • Once dry, go back to you bath tub and use a bucket to refill your bean bag.