About Jelly Beanz Bean Bags

Jelly Beanz Bean Bags is a family owned and operated business. We have been manufacturing bean bags for 14 years now. All our products are made on our premises in Melbourne, Australia and are made of a high standard including 5 rows of thread on all our seams, the use of safety zips and a cover over the zip to prevent scratching of floor boards and tiles. All our bean bags are made with industrial machines and comply with the Australian regulations. We pride ourselves in making quality, long lasting bean bags at affordable prices.

Our Indoor Bean Bags are the most comfortable bean bags as they mould to your individual shape and that’s hard to find, they look good, feel great and last for many years.

Our Football Bags are of the same quality, only difference is they are in team colours with embroidery.

Our Foot Rests are made of the same standard as all our products, they are a good height and great width and the rest speaks for itself.

Our Bath and Pool Bean Bags were originally made as a bath bag. One day a customer asked me if I could make something for the bath for her quadriplegic daughter, who loved to sit in the bath for long periods of time, but needed something soft on her skin, keep her elevated and stop her from sliding forward, also to support her back, shoulders, neck and head. After many trials of fabrics and shapes we perfected the bath bag for her. From there we tested it in chlorine and salt water pools and with success it’s now the bath and pool bean bag.

Our Pet Beds are FLEA FREE!!! How do I know this? I was a veterinary nurse for 10 years and I know exactly what fleas don’t like and that’s the materials we use, they cannot live or breed in them. So your pets stay comfy, warm and flea free.

With Our Laundry Wash Bags, I just got fed up with replacing the impoted one’s every 4 to 6 months and finding they were not big enough, the zip would open during the wash cycle. So I made a few myself in a bigger size to cater for larger items of clothing and with a zip that stays closed to test them. It’s now been 4 ½ years and I’m still using the same ones, during this time we discovered all the other uses as stated on the laundry bags page through customer feedback.

We offer fast delivery Australia wide. All our product range is individually inspected prior to being packaged.

Jelly Beanz Products Quality and Comfort Are Incomparable.

Commercial Bean Bags

Bean bags are an ideal promotional tool. Many companies have used our products as giveaways for promotions with embroidery of their company logo. If you can see this as a benefit to your business please contact Con on Mob 0412031664 to discuss this further.